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I have always found webcam sites as sort of an evolution in how we get our porn fix. Back in the good old days, we used to sneak our way inside strip clubs and wait for those exotic dancers to sashay their booties on the dance floor and perform a trick or two. Back then, we either got a good stripper or we get shortchanged. But thanks to technology and the internet, we no longer have to wait in line to enter any strip joint. Now access to fine-ass women stripping for us is just a mouse click away. 

Case in point, this site called It’s probably one of the biggest webcam show sites there is on the net. has a bevy of sexy women (and men) performing private shows in front of their respective webcams for a fee (so what else is new?). The site boasts of 9,861 performers as of this writing, and Live, online showstoppers range from 100 to 285(or more!) and are categorized as Girls, Couples, Fetish-SM, Lesbians, Matures and Boys. 

Navigating the site wasn’t even a chore. It’s as straightforward as can be; with the site giving you an option to click a link among the above mentioned categories and showing you thumbnail pictures of the featured webcam model for that particular category. The site shows the women models as default category on their homepage. 

Membership to is not necessary, unless you want to go on a “private” show. You only need to ante up the bucks or sign any membership form when you buy “credits” to pay for your chosen webcam performer. Buying these credits is done by means of Credit cards - Mastercard or Visa. The rates for these models vary, though, so prepare to shell-out the much needed dough at certain times. 

With regards to the actual webcam models, I’m pleased to say that majority of the women are drop-dead gorgeous and can really turn you on. They are quite responsive and really do take the time in trying to give-in to your requests – provided you give them what they want (ca-ching!). Even if the realization occurs to you that you’re dick is getting stiff over a model that’s probably thousands of miles away, it does give you a feeling that you do get what you paid for. 

Overall, it’s safe to say that nothing beats going to a real strip club; but then again, can your average club present you with over 9,000 performers? That, my friends, is where really outstrips the competition.

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