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Well, I’m quite impressed with this webcam community site. It successfully hides the fact that it has a big adult-themed webcam section by plastering its homepage with mainstream topics that webcam users can join into. So many topics to choose from, so little time. Of course that didn’t stop me from heading straight to the 18-or-older section of, where the real webcam action should be happening.

The adult section of the site, or what refers to as “Sexual Stress Relief” section, is dived into three main sections: Sexual Stress Relief Hosts, Sexual Relief Fans Club and Sexual Stress Relief Videos. All three have the same subheadings of: Girl Alone, Shy Girl Alone, Lesbian, Fetish and BDSM, Girl-on-Girl, Gender Benders, Guy (straight), Guy (gay), Guy and Guy, Girl and Guy (couples), Threesome/Groups, Hosts with Sinulators(new category; only on Relief Hosts section)  and Role play.

The site is very clean-looking with white background and decent font - all used to make the site look friendly enough to hide even a hint of an adult-themed webcam section at first glance.

Browsers need to register (its safe and free!) first in order to access the different categories the site has in its line-up. Once registered, you can then choose from the earlier mentioned categories and choose the webcam model that you fancy. Unlike some webcam sites, offers “free” members preview pictures of the models. Of course, you have to sign-up as an ImLive Credit member in order to access the juicier pictures of each model. Certain gimmicks like “Happy Hour” and “Sinulator” – wherein paying members are given a control panel to operate the Sinulator device – add to the appeal of

Buying credits is done by means of Money Wire, Check or Credit Card. Hosts charges vary as well as the discounts each of them might offer. The “Happy Hour” rates though can save you a lot of cash, so thank goodness for that.

I have to really give props for the detailed info on each and every adult model they have. As soon as you click on the picture or link, a profile of the featured model is given you, with relevant infos such as scheduled appearance, language spoken, and of course, what the model’s expertise is. Try to catch models with a fast connection icon for guaranteed quality web stream. has a very high batting average in terms of pretty model, as the gamut of models I was able to video chat with were sexy and pretty.

Overall, I would have to say that is probably the best place to start off your webcam site viewing. The huge amount of models (and the various, conventional topics to join) as well as the web community feel simply makes it a notch better than some of the webcam or video chat sites out there. It also scores high with the gimmicks the site has to offer its paying members. Prepare to spend long hours in this site. I guarantee that is definitely worth the money and time spent.


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